________A Glimpse of Future Homes, Then Get to Work.

A proposition by Data Rhei : Cyriaque Blanchet & Jules Brière

Artistes invitésCamille Angibaud – Laura Buttons – Data Rhei – FleuryFontaine – Alix Gallet – Hadrien Gérenton – Monika Gruzite – Simone C. Niquille – Anna Ternon – Sophie Varin

A stranger sleeps on your bed, most of your personal belongings are left in a self-storage box and you are surrounded by the information you share in the Cloud. ‘Being at home’ implies different definitions in a world where mobility has become a major marker of how contemporary societies function, a central term for ‘liquid life’ and a powerful discourse element that creates its own effects and environments.

A Glimpse of Future Homes, Then Get to Work explores the idea of a dialogue between virtual subjects and real objects. A few empty cans on the floor of the apartment, from the office to the bedroom, and a whole story about filiation is played, loneliness and starting over. The cape hanging there is perhaps the costume of the character in the story, allowing the image it leaves in the visitor’s mind to be altered, of the one outside, while affirming in the eyes of all, the desire to protect his image in the public space. Concrete/moiré pattern. Following the current trend. Because it is also here that we build Faraday cages around our beds. Our home is no longer just a place to which we belong: it is a means of subsistence, as an interface for our social, economic and political life.

The works presented whether by artists or designers, support the ethos of working on the borderline of the classic oppositions between opacity and transparency, production and subsistence, creativity and norms. The presentation of these within the White Cube, considered as a living space, challenges pre-existing systems of presenting works of art or design as a collection. In this context, the exhibition becomes the place of conception of this sublimation of the Thing in its object-form. An exhibition that presents itself as speculation on the edge of the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real, in the order of a re-creation where the deployment of the plastic possibilities of matter is constructed according to its capacity to substitute itself for the uninhabited.

DR, 2017


Opening on Thursday 03.09 from 7.00 to 9:00 p.m.
Exhibition from 03.09 to 03.11.2017

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