________ Transformer 12th Annual Silent Auction

Twelfth evening to benefit the artist-run space Transformer, silent auction at the American University’s Katzen Arts Center in Washington DC.


Each year, Transformer invites an ambassador to chair their annual event. In 2015, Transformer invited the French ambassador, Monsieur Gérard Araud.
In the spring of 2015, Transformer members travelled to Paris to meet the spaces and young actors of contemporary creation. Thus, after several exchanges and meetings with Glassbox, the Artist-run space Transformer i propose to the Glassbox team to invite young French artists to participate in their twelfth silent auction.

French artists invited by Glassbox:
Cyril Aboucaya
Théodora Barat
Guillaume Durrieu
Hélène Garcia
Mathieu Gruet
Carine Klonowski
Jean Lain
Laurence De Leersnyder
Colombe Marcasiano
Justin Morin
Samir Ramdani & Jagna Ciuchta
Axelle Remeaud
Ludovic Sauvage
Nicolas Tilly
Florian Viel
Lucille De Witte



November 21 2015


TransformerCyril AboucayaThéodora BaratGuillaume DurrieuHélène GarciaMathieu GruetCarine KlonowskiJean LainLaurence De Leersnyder, Colombe MarcasianoJustin MorinSamir RamdaniJagna CiuchtaAxelle RemeaudLudovic SauvageNicolas TillyFlorian Viel, Lucille De Witte


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