Nuria Delormes, a young anarchist banned from Aquilonia for inciting sedition, travels through the Hyboraean lands in order to understand which of the political and social systems that make up the known world is the fairest. Around her, we see the members of her clan of chroniclers, Litus Frabis, a young, intrepid and gossipy horseman who provides for the band’s pittance through various larcenies, schemes and tricks of his own invention, as well as Celsian Déésprès, a horn-maker who specialises in making megaphones useful for advertising, but above all, amplifying prostheses that allow him to increase his hearing tenfold and discreetly pick up on out-of-touch conversations. Last but not least, Deuzic de Landrin, a perspectivist on the verge of breaking up with his family, clings to his black box, which allows him to precisely sketch the territories he has crossed in order to give us the most exact impressions.

Grandeur Nature is the latest film by Arnaud Dezoteux, co-written with Clémence Agnez. It is the result of three years of joint research into issues related to Clémence’s philosophy thesis and the complex filmic devices that characterize Arnaud’s work. It was produced by Glassbox as part of the Causes Mineur project, which aims to translate the practice Live action role-playing game into film. The artist Celsian Langlois signs the sound design, while Benjamin Fraboulet is in charge of the production follow-up, both of them being largely involved in the elaboration of the final result. The team chose to record the sequences and sound tracks while taking part in the Legends of Hyborée game, a massive role-playing game (known as mass-LARP) organized by the Eve Oniris association for the past ten years.

With the support of Dicréam, Lafayette Anticipations, Ultime-Deux, Les ateliers-Canard, Le Cnap

>Opening on Saturday 25 June from 6pm (screening every hour)

>Film on view from 25 June to 13 July, Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm


Glassbox, retour sur deux décennies de création contemporaine

Editorial direction : Clémence Agnez
Editorial coordination : Alisson Haguenier
Graphic Design : s.y.n.d.i.c.a.t (Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer)

Editorial direction by period :
1997-2006 – Stefan Nikolaev and Julien Fronsacq, with the help of Gemma Shedden, Pierre Beloüin, Jan Kopp and Frédéric Beaumes.
2007-2011 – Collectif 1.0.3 – (Arnaud Bernus, François Bernus and Anne Couzon Cesca);
2012-2017 – Clémence Agnez and Alisson Haguenier

Coediting Glassbox and Tombolo Presses

Texts by : Clémence Agnez, Saâdane Afif, Jean-Christophe Arcos, Dominique Blais, Nicolas Bourriaud, Collectif 1.0.3, Lucille de Witte, Élie During Flora Katz, Sarah Ihler-Meyer, Irma Name (Hélène Deléan and Clément Caignart), Sabrina Issa, Patrice Joly, Sophie Lapalu, Ingrid Luquet-Gad, Éric Mangion, Olivier Marboeuf, Pedro Morais, Stefan Nikolaev, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Joël Riff

This book received the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard and the 11th Arrondissement.

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Glassbox invites Myriam Jacob-Allard to program a screening of her work as well as videos by Quebec artists.
Based in Montreal, Myriam Jacob Allard is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance, bricolage and installation. Currently at the Cité des Arts in Paris, her residency will be presented in September at Glassbox.
• Thursday July 7th at 8pm.



Glassbox reactivates its GRANDE FORME format as part of its 2022-2023 programming. This call for applications is dedicated to short term events such as :
– Concert / performance / screening / edition launches / artist multiples / pop-up exhibitions.
File should be sent by email to with the object « NAME_GRANDE FORME 2022 »before 4th of july 2022

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Douna Lim & Théo Pesso 

Lim and Pesso (1987, Guangzhou, Los Angeles) live and work in Beijing and Los Angeles. Lim and Pesso’s films, videos, photographs, digital projects, drawings and complex multimedia installations explore the profound social changes of our era of globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation. The work of the Beijing and Los Angeles-based artists highlights how people respond to these developments and integrate them into their lives. Operating as both artistic invention and social documentation, the visual language of their work borders on the fantastic, with a melancholic atmosphere enhanced by moments of humour and surreal beauty.

Stanislas Paruzel 

Born in 1992 in Pau. Lives and works in Paris. After passing through the Bayonne art school, he returned to the Villa Arson in 2013 and obtained his DNSEP in 2017. In 2018, he joined the Artist run space workshop, Iveco Nu in Noisy-Le-Sec. He is a member of the publishing collective Nuevos Boloss



Online space dedicated to independent exhibition spaces that have been experimenting with spaces dedicated to art since the end of the 1960s.
The website initiated by GLASSBOX team – based on an original idea by Sabrina Issa – is a tool that allows each structure to reveal, over time and on a global scale, the initiatives of artists from the 1960s to the present day.

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The website is both a dissemination tool and a link creator. It provides visibility on the strength, richness and quality of the proposals initiated by generations of artists since the end of the 1980s. As a space of singular landmarks, the internet platform intensifies the links between structures and feeds the organization of meetings and events common to Artist-run spaces.