You Wanted it Darker

________ You Wanted it Darker

Louis Gary

For its reopening, Glassbox presents You Wanted It Darker, an exhibition of paintings realized by Louis Gary over the last six months.

Feeling both fear and desire intertwined, some people are waiting for a collapse. To witness this catastrophe would be to finally satisfy the ultimate fantasy: that of reaching […]

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________ House of Crystal

Claire Guetta’s residency and exhibition

For the re-edition of its residency program in Montpellier, Glassbox-Sud invites Claire Guetta to develop the House of Crystal project

House of Crystal is a pseudo-therapeutic device at the intersection of dance, video and installation. A syncretism merging lithotherapy and ballroom culture, House of Crystal is a visual […]

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Glassbox – 20 years

________ GLASSBOX 20 YEARS

Glassbox, retour sur deux décennies de création contemporaine

Editorial direction : Clémence Agnez
Editorial coordination : Alisson Haguenier
Graphic Design : s.y.n.d.i.c.a.t (Sacha Léopold and François Havegeer)

Editorial direction by period :
1997-2006 – Stefan Nikolaev and Julien Fronsacq, with the help of Gemma Shedden, Pierre Beloüin, Jan Kopp and Frédéric Beaumes.
2007-2011 – Collectif 1.0.3 – (Arnaud Bernus, […]

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________ A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge

A proposition by Ludovic Sauvage.
Grichka Commaret, Claire Decet, Paul Desmazières, Kim Farkas, Samuel François, Hélène Garcia, Christophe Herreros, Irma Name, Yannis Pérez, Prioux & Peixoto, Clara Stengel, Palette Terre and Manuel Vieillot.

A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge * is a project composed of a set of artistic proposals […]

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________  aufbau·haus

Florentine Charon, Charlotte Khouri, Cynthia Lefebvre et Julien Rodriguez

Curating by Anne Bergeaud and Orane Stalpers

Founded in 1919, the Bauhaus was both an interdisciplinary school that placed experimentation at the heart of its practices and a community of artists driven by the utopian project of combining art and life. While our ways of networking have […]

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________  A floating notice

A very short exhibition by Dimension Émotionnelle

With the participation of Alice, Florent, Pauline, Raquel, Willie…

Any new community-based functionality involves a ritual of  automatic and repetitive gestures associated with special situations

Death holds place for those who wait. In pearlescent algebra and iridescent finitude, spittle cools to its truer amplitude. My theory of […]

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________  La vie qu’on mène

Hélène & Lucien Garcia

H – I just left the framer with my grandfather’s paintings, you’ll never guess who I ran into!
B- Who?
H- The whole blue thing was crazy. I had emotions

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________  (Before leaving)

Antoine Granier, Hélène Mourrier, Cécile Serres

Copernicus told us that the earth was not the center. Darwin told us that man is not the center. If we listened to the anthropologists we might hear them telling us, with appropriate indirectness, that the White West is not the center. The center of the […]

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________  LE 149 : ÉDITION 1

Anna Hess and Sacha Béraud

As part of the Grande Forme 2019 programme, Le 149 takes over Glassbox for a reactivation of the works from “Edition 1” accompanied by a discussion with Pierre Frulloni, Quentin Lannes, Marjorie Ober and Cassandre Poirier-Simon.

Le 149 (Sacha Béraud and Anna Hess) produces […]

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Laura Porter & Valentin Lewandowski’s residency and exhibition

When a resident of the town of Eeklo (Flanders) is not satisfied with his head, he has the possibility to have it replaced by a baker.
The procedure is as follows:
A beheading is carried out by the craftsman in order to separate the head from the body.
In […]

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